Before you contact us, it would be helpful if you have a clear idea of what you wish to achieve with your new website. This will help us provide you with as accurate a cost as possible. If, however you need guidance to set things in motion we will be able to advise and develop your ideas further.

Sites are designed to individual requirements and so prices will vary depending on the work involved, but as a general guideline a basic site, developed using the latest CSS technology with 5 pages will cost approx. £400. This is inclusive of domain name, hosting and webspace for the first 12 months.

You will be aware of the exact costs involved before the work begins. As we go through the design process you will be able to see your site develop and a ‘dummy’ of the finished web site will be uploaded onto our server so that you can see it fully working. Once you approve and sign off the work the site will be uploaded under your domain name and only then will you be issued with an invoice for the work.

Any additional work in maintaining the website will be charged on an hourly rate or agreed lump sum to be agreed before the work is carried out.